A kelpie/cattle dog cross sits next to a person holding up a gem-shaped paper cutout. It's hard to make out the text, but it says something along the lines of Ruff, who's a good dog? You are! Ruff looks very pleased with this appraisal.

Ruff Dandy

Ruff moonlights as a corridor greeter at the Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW offices. This year, he also made his debut…

5 months ago


Felippe and Marlon asked people from around the world: Why should Australia vote yes for marriage equality? Here’s what they…

5 months ago
A glossy, purple and rainbow brochure with text saying GLLO (LGBTI Liaison Officer) Conference, A place to be me. Behind it is a printed booklet that says A Place to be Me, Presenters and panel members with the cookie cutter figure.


Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW’s Co-Executive Director Terence was at the NSW Police Academy in Goulburn last week for the GLLO…

5 months ago
Gingerbread cookies on a retro plate. They are cut in the shape of the letters Y E S


Our neighbours at Brickfields Bakery gave us some tasty gingerbread YES cookies today!

5 months ago
A picture of a person's head with a thought bubble on it. The Queer Love Project logo is in the thought bubble. The text [Your Face Here] sits above.

[Your face here]

Want to share the love? Submit to the Queer Love Project today! We’ve had all kinds of submissions, from kooky…

5 months ago
An overhead view of a cricket pitch. A group of people are standing so their bodies spell out the word YES.

Human YES Sign

The community in Moreland, VIC (in the northern suburbs of Melbourne) made this video to show their support for marriage…

5 months ago


Gaby sent us some identity flag hearts to share – enjoy!

5 months ago


Twenty10 incorporating GLCS NSW patron Magda Szubanski is on the cover of November’s Sydney Star Observer! Pick one up for…

5 months ago
A brightly coloured design with flowers, hearts and rocket ships. In the middle it says SAY YES TO LOVE.


Fabulous illustrator Pilgrim drew this picture of support for Frankie Magazine! Post it (and the other illustrations at the link) all…

5 months ago

Lil & Kim

This comic by illustrator/graphic designer/comic maker Ali Chalmers is about real-life couple Lil and Kim and how they approach the idea…

5 months ago