Two people and their child stand in front of a banner. The child is wearing an Australian Marriage Equality shirt.


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My name is Cadence and this is my family (minus our doggo, Frida).

Cec and I have been together just shy of eight years. We both clicked “attending” on a Girlthing Facebook event (which neither of us ended up going to). She thought I looked cute in my profile pic and friend requested me, and I thought she had the coolest surname ever so I accepted (our son Silas is two and a half. He has that same kickass surname, and I’ll add it into my name too when we get legally married).

In true Newtown style, we met for our first IRL date outside the Dendy, then proceeded to the Courthouse for drinks and then to Camperdown Park. We have been together through births and deaths, moving house five times between us, graduations, new jobs and international travel. I’ve always said we would be growing up together before we grow old together, and we have. We were married in Sydney in front of 130 of our friends and family just under four years ago, though when the laws are changed here I’ll jumping back into my dress to say “I do” again. I’ll take any excuse to celebrate again, and this time we’ll have cute kid to dress up with us (and if we’re really lucky, maybe even a second one).

As a teenager I was anxious and despite the privilege of growing up in the inner-west with unwaveringly supportive friends and family, I felt lonely and worried I would never really find my “people”. If fifteen year old Cadence had a glimpse of what life would be like for her as an adult, she really wouldn’t have much to worry about. To any young queers reading this, I hope you can hold on to the promise that your future is bright and filled with love.

7 months ago