Arleaha and her mums stand in the staging area for the Mardi Gras parade. Arleaha and one mum are wearing football jerseys and the other mum is wearing a Twenty10 shirt. They are all smiling and having a great time.



Hi, I’m Arleaha and I want to write about my first Mardi Gras. First up I just want to talk about the GLITTER! I was astonished by the amount of glitter there was, it must have cost a fortune! People at school for weeks afterwards kept telling me “you have glitter on your face”, like seriously do you want to try and get this stuff off – it’s impossible. Anyway, my time at Mardi Gras was UNFORGETTABLE! It was totally amazeballs and I loved it. BTW I was marching with the AFL float, I was with one of my mums and I proudly saw my other mum marching in the Twenty10 float, at which she works. I love being a Gayby! So much glitter and so many parties.

6 months ago